Top pigeons

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Top pigeons

The name Martin de Poorter from Sluis sounds familiar to the ears. The experts of the results of the extreme long distance knows we are dealing with a top fancier. We would almost forget that this new forty is only five years on the marathon races. If we see what he has done the past four seasons then we know it is good. He races all of the International ZLU-races.

He succeeds very well. I think its wonderful to receive pigeons in the evening on the night of the release. If that is not possible due to the heavy race conditions then the day after … as early as possible. You need strong pigeons here. I have largely formed my current family around Rainman, New Rainman and Levi. These pigeons and their children are crossed on the best pigeons that race the marathon races in the Netherlands. From this I try to form a family for the marathon races with a morning release up to and including Perpignan.

For Barcelona we work with a few specific pigeon lines. With recent contributions I try to create a broader team for this race in the coming years. Martin de Poorter, Sluis. Read more about Martin de Poorter.Het product is niet aan je winkelmandje toegevoegd.

Bekijk de inhoud van je winkelmandje.

top pigeons

For Sale. Barend J. NL Super breeding cock!!!! Ace pigeon Yearlings De Allerbeste 1. Sittard 21, pigeons 1. Weert 11, pigeons 1. Hapert 7, pigeons 1. NPO Meaux 3, pigeons 1. Weert 2, pigeons 1. Tongeren 1, pigeons 1. Meer 1, pigeons 1.

Peet and Paloma Solleveld

Weert 1, pigeons 2. NPO Peronne 5, pigeons. NPO Vierzon 4, pigeons 2. NPO Vierzon 6, pigeons 3. NPO Gien 8, pigeons 1. Gien 1, pigeons NPO Troyes 3, pigeons 4. NPO Peronne 5, pigeons Niergnies 2, pigeons Laon 2, pigeons.

Bella Donna NL Duffel 4, pigeons 4. Feluy 1, pigeons 5. Isnes 1, pigeons 8. Soissons 1, pigeons 9. Moeskroen-Menen 3, pigeons NPO Bourges 3, pigeons Peronne 3, pigeons Tienen 5, pigeons. Carlos NL "Carlos" is winner of 1. Chateauroux Parc.We want you to know you can count on us. We sell pigeons for fixed prices. Below a selection of pigeons that are just in. Please keep in mind that we do not sell pigeons we did not see and handle ourselves.

All pigeons we have for sale are here in our Europigeons Lofts in Den Hoorn. Is the pigeon or strain you are looking for not listed? We might be bale to help you anyway, if not we can ask our network of scouts in The Netherlands en Belgium to search that one special bird or strain Together with my dad Jan Sr. I have over years of experience. We really would like to share all we know with you.

Our mission is to get the best out of your pigeons. In this section you will find pigeons that have the blood of Ko van Dommelen in their veins. Please keep in mind that not all the birds I have on stock are listed at our website.

Contact us if you have any special wishes We sell pigeons for workingman prices, not the latest marketing driven nonsensense. All the birds we have for sale are here at Europigeons Lofts. We do not sell pigeons we did not handle ourselfs! This is how we work In this section of my website you will find middle distance quality racing pigeons for sale.

Pigeons that are on their best at pigeon races from to kilometer. Happy customers is what we are doing it all for. We will never say no if we can help you!!!

New arrivals Pigeons sold since Log In. New arrival. Add to basket. Stock: only a few left.

top pigeons

Color Chequered Pied Breeder A. Color Chequered Breeder A. Rijnberg, St. Color Chequered Breeder C. Notify when back in stock Sorry this one is sold. Show more. Subscribers today, subscribe now!!! Remaining time to the next FREE tip. Click here, subscribe today We sell quality pigeons for workingman prices, not the latest marketing driven nononse!!! Danny de Voogd The wonderboy from Yerseke.

Winners and chain results are his trade marksGerrit van der Kruk from Steenbergen unfortunately has to say goodbye to the pigeon hobby he so loved for health reason. Many big names in the pigeon sport have built up name and fame partly with descedants of De Kruk.

We name a few well-known names here such as Gebr. But how long would the list be of long distance fanciers who achieved success with the pigeons of de Kruk be?

Top pigeons for sale

We can reasonably assume that this would be a long list. In Gerrit won with a son 30 e Nat. Vincent and a year later won with two sons a 6 e and 8 e Nat. Barcelona and that was a very tough one in Founder and denominator of the Steenberg long distance strain is of course Piet de Weerd, father of veterinarian Henk de Weerd.

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With great knowledge of Piet de Weerd and the foresight of Henk de Weerd in order to set up an international breeding center, large business was done at that time. This is now a globally renown breeding center where descendants bring success to all corners of the world. In the breeding loft of Interpalomas lofts of Dr.

Henk de Weerd is a top breeder of the Kruk dynasty. Soustons, Pink Lady 33 e Nat. Soustons, Victoria e Nat. Barcelona, Dempsey 37 e Nat. Narbonne and Niki 37 e Nat. The Barcelona hen of Cor is a racing legend of the first order. She flew a series of top prizes as well as 1 e Nat.

Perpignan in Their Myra flew herself a 8 e Nat. Barcelona and grew into an absolute stock pigeon by the Gebr. Brugemann from Assendelft. We do not want to be short on this, but both Cor de Heijde and Gebr. The list of top 10 placings on marathon races worldwide with many there. And also in Gerrit has been able to make some nice performances, despite his declining health. Total sale of Gerrit van der Kruk.

Go to my auction. Geef aan waar uw interesse naar uit gaat: doffers, duivinnen of jongen en uit welke duiven of koppelingen. More about Gerrit van der Kruk.Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

When are you traveling? Clear Dates. All Things to Do. Day Trips. Outdoor Activities. Traveler Resources. View map. Browse by Category. Theme Parks. Specialty Museums. Attraction Tickets. Explore Pigeon Forge.

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Sort by:. Traveler Favorites. Titanic Museum Attraction. See 6 Experiences. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine. The Island in Pigeon Forge.

The Best Pigeon Hunt you'll Ever See!!

See 1 Experience. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster. The Comedy Barn. Alcatraz East Crime Museum. Pigeon Forge Snow. Tennessee Shine Company. See more.A great combination from Ouddorp who performs regularly and beats toppers like G. Verkerk, W. Merwe and so on!!! The speciality of Huib Grinwis is making chain results, a high prize percentage score and collect NPO victories!!! Against gigantic competition Huib Grinwis performs with great regularity, the almost impossible.

Huib and Lia Grinwis-Van Alphen do not disturb competition, location and weather conditions and makes mouth watering results. Huib is a man who achieves optimal returns from his pigeons. Because he races both cocks and hens on double widowhood and selects hard he has formed a beautiful strain of pigeons. His pigeons can fly in the front from any flight from 50 to km and chain results are considered the regular rather than the exception see next paragraph!! Listing results is often not really interesting, but we are making an exception here.

On the flight from Peronne on September 2nd against 2. A few more results from Peronne in the Samenspel against 4. Go to our auction. Geef aan waar uw interesse naar uit gaat: doffers, duivinnen of jongen en uit welke duiven of koppelingen. Meer over Comb. Grinwis- Van Alphen.Christ v. Pol or the "flying butcher" from Goirle has been a phenomenon in the pigeon sport since the s.

In the late s and early s, he unlikely dominated the one-day long distance races and the youngsters long distance races. More and more Christ shifted his terrain to the marathon and then both the afternoon releases and the morning releases. Also in these areas great performances were achieved, numerous championships were achieved and many champion pigeons stayed in his lofts.

Vincent Verhoeven was married to his daughter and also a pigeon man. Vincent has formed a beautiful combination on the side of Christ for years. Unfortunately, that has weakened over the years due to private circumstances. But they still have good contact and because Christ is not such a computer man, Vincent also made all the pedigree cards. In Christ won the 1st Nat. Vincent with the NL and he was also the fastest of no less than 38, pigeons. Earlier, the St. Souston against Dax against 17, pigeons.

In another national victory was achieved with the hen Queen Anne and she is named after his granddaughter Anne.

top pigeons

Several direct and closely related Queen Anne pigeons for sale. In the s, some targeted purchases were made by Christ on the sale of Leen Suiker. In a few years time these 2 cocks produced great pigeons. The " has grown into a great stock father over a long period of time.

top pigeons

Those pigeons performed great and especially on flights up to km. In the late s and early s, Christ invested heavily in marathon pigeons. Many top pigeons were obtained from Krouwel-Pollman. You can still find a lot of valuable and interesting information on the admittedly somewhat dated website of the combination.

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That is why we would like to refer you to this website: www. The colony of today is still partly based on the old own tribe that has been carefully cultivated over the years. In addition to playing pigeons, Christ also loves breeding pigeons. He has achieved fantastic results through inbreeding and line breeding. Unfortunately, Christ recently had to decide to sell all his pigeons. And this is based on a number of reasons. First of all, Christ himself is no longer the youngest and begins to experience some health and old age problems.

Due to the health of his wife, he moved a few years ago and therefore no longer lives with his pigeons. At the time, Christ decided resolutely to live in a single-storey elderly home with Corrie, his wife.

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Unfortunately, Corrie can no longer live at home at the moment and she now stays permanently in a nursing home. Christ has flown with the pigeons in the last few years, but at a much lower rate than he was used to. For the aforementioned reasons, there was not much left. So now his entire colony is in a total sale and Christ hopes that his pigeons will end up well.

It is a colony that has been carefully composed and mainly built on the old base and performance pigeons. And those performance pigeons were bred and raced by Christ himself. Vincent, Batman 1st Nat.

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