Soma breathwork

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Soma breathwork

Niraj Naikmy guest on today's show and the same guy who invented the crazy holotropic-style breathwork protocol I do in my sauna comes from a background of working long hours for several years as a community pharmacist. He also learned of the debilitating side effects of the prescription medications which drove many of the patients to have to take more and more drugs to ease the side effects. Curious to find ways to improve his own health, he attended several health seminars and discovered an in-depth approach on how to reach optimum health and vitality by understanding the true origin of disease and how to prevent it.

After experiencing great benefits with his own health, Niraj was motivated to devise a scheme to see if he could also help his suffering patients. Within two weeks he received testimonials from patients who were starting to get better and within a few months some being able to lower their dosages or completely come off their medications. After an arduous battle trying to get his novel approach accepted into the mainstream that resulted in a lot of stress and disillusionment, in he was diagnosed with a stress-related illness, ulcerative colitis, that left him housebound for over 10 months.

He was told by doctors and nurses there existed no cure and he would need to be on medication for the rest of his life. He was then left with a choice that would be a major turning point in his life.

Test out a new drug or have his colon removed. He decided to choose option 3, a path not yet known by conventional medicine. So began his search to learn from people who had great success with either curing themselves or others from chronic illness. He learned a combination of natural treatments including Ayurvedic practices and dietary recommendations from Paleo and Specific Carbohydrate Diet SCD. He studied healing methods through meditation, yoga and mind power techniques like self-hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP.

He even discovered the powerful techniques of sound and music therapy as tools for reducing stress and promoting self-healing. Niraj finally broke free from the burdens of his illness, without medication. The experience of illness has allowed him to completely reinvent his life and discover a new passion for helping others to do the same.

His specialty is helping people recover, prevent or reduce the dependency for longterm medication for the metabolic diseases of diabetes, heart disease and obesity as well as autoimmune disease where stress is an underlining factor in the cause. Niraj is now a professional musician, holistic health expert and entrepreneur.

soma breathwork

He runs several successful websites that help others who suffer from stress-related, chronic diseases through his self-composed, captivating meditation music and online courses. Niraj has composed music for healing centers, spas and therapists worldwide.

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode. Mix it with Kion Aminos, and you're literally in heaven.

Well, not literally, but it's a good combo. For your good health. See why Clearlight jacuzzi saunas are unsurpassed. Ask Ben a Podcast Question. Eczema was a major problem for me as a kid. Looking for recommendations. Go or no go? Powder or capsules? Any other options? Likewise the 21 day programme. Would love to see this opened up to more people by lowering the cost…. Started the 21 day awakening last Wednesday. Really liking the process so far, it has become part of my morning ritual that I intend to keep.

Excited to see where it goes…. Does anyone have a view on Sovereign Labs Colostrum? It is defatted, but on the other hand it uses a technology that they claim makes it much more absorbable.Add to Calendar.

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Sales Ended. Event description. Description Start your weekend the best way with breathing exercises and meditations! Awaken the full potential of your brain, improve circulation, promote self-healing, transmute your creative life force energy to make yourself feel truly amazing and full of energy.

E like no other meditation or breath technique. Reserve your place NOW via Eventbrite link! Limited space of 15 available! All his workshops are open fun and authentic spaces to express and connect through dynamic breathwork exercises, group connection work and guided Meditations. Awaken your true potential today!

It's best to eat 1. Ask about corporate and private group sessions! Whatsapp Greg with any questions: Read more Read less.

Soma Breathwork Meditation

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View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. Wild Ginger Apothecary Event creator. Events you might like:. SportsFitness Class. Share this event.

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Trypnaural beats combined with special breathwork techniques handed down from true masters of ancient breathwork practices enhances brain function like nothing else! Downloadable guided breathwork meditations and exercises are included with both programs.

Experience the powerful benefits of a group meditation from the comforts of your own home! This meditation is good for any level of experience, including none! Led by a master SOMA breathwork facilitator who will explain the science behind SOMA breathwork and how you can use the breathing techniques to help improve your overall well-being.

Sign up for one, or sign up every week. This live weekly meditation session is hosted on Zoom, a free video call service. Get two specially-designed SOMA meditations: 1 to give you more energy and motivation in the morning, and 2 for deep relaxation and a rejuvenating sleep at night. Go through the Awakening process, become a SOMA Breathwork expert, learn how to guide others to peak experiences, and earn your instructor certificate. The SOMA Awakening Breathwork Meditation is a unique experience combining specially crafted brainwave entrainment music, therapeutic breathwork techniques, and subconscious reprogramming methods.

Founder Of SOMA Breath, Niraj Naik, has performed this breathwork meditation at large events all over the world and has been featured on National Television in the UK for this unique approach to breathwork and meditation. Click here to get event details sent directly to you I'm not a fan of constant email reminders, so don't worry, I won't stuff your inbox with messages from Connected Breaths. I don't like spam either, so please know your email is safe with Connected Breaths and will never be shared.

Skip to content. One hour, one day, one weekend, and more. Exactly what you need to recenter you. Featured events. Free online 7-DAY soma breathwork foundations course. Sign up for the free 7-day soma online course. In this course you will: Learn how to easily have more stamina and energy Awaken your dormant super power within Discover how to eliminate stress and activate healing Master a simple routine that will easily improve your health Experience one of the most FUN meditations available today.

Free online live soma breathwork meditation every sunday.

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Sign up for the live online sunday meditation. Breathwork tutorial video teaching you how to use SOMA Breathing techniques with the two meditations for optimum benefits. Become a SOMA breathwork instructor! In-Person or Online Training Available.

You will learn directly from Niraj through in-depth pre-recorded videos. Free soma breathwork meditation live events. Sign up.Thousands of years ago, ancient Rishis used Soma, a plant medicine mentioned over 50, times in the Vedic scriptures, to achieve heightened states of consciousness.

Later on, they experimented with breath pranayama to achieve these states naturally. Today, we combine these scientifically proven ancient breath practices with rhythmic music to relieve stress and anxiety, awaken creativity and unlock your full human potential and we call that SOMA Breath. This class is available for all levels, beginners welcome and encouraged! SOMA Breathwork is great for stress relief and relaxation.

Feel free to bring a notebook if you desire.

soma breathwork

Attire suggested: comfortable clothing that you can sit on the floor or on a chair and breathe. Expanding on his strengths and passions, following his heart and his desire to help people be all they can be, he is now a Certified SOMA Breath Instructor and leads group sessions, customized online sessions, workshops and events.

He loves spreading the message of the power we all have right under our noses, literally, and gets no greater thrill than the positive feedback from his class participants. Influenced by the lives and experiences of spiritual Gurus such as Ram Dass and Paramahansa Yogananda, he began studying and practicing Raja Yoga. Also a musician, Kyle is a creative alchemist at heart who loves to mix together various elements of whatever he is working with, and forming them into his own personal expression.

Serendipity led Kyle to Niraj, the founder of SOMA Breath, where he seemingly found the holistic system he had been dreaming about putting together himself. Being one of the first SOMA Instructors ever trained, he is now living his dream - awakening others to the magic of conscious breathing, and helping to turn their own dreams into a reality.

Kyle has developed Soma Alchemy, combining everything he has learned over the years into a holistic health and wellness practice for the modern day seeker. Soma Alchemy gives you the tools to overcome challenges and blockages such as stress, anxiety, trauma, fatigue, and dis-ease by showing you how to balance various aspects of the Body, Mind, and Soul through ancient practices of Meditation, Dreamwork, Breathwork, Yogic Bodywork, and a holistic diet.

Shop Online! Intuitive Readers. Kundalini Yoga. Soma Breathwork. Class Descriptions.SOMA is a journey that awakens you to your full human potential where real magic can happen. HEAL We have the ability as humans to be in control of our own health and influence our autonomic nervous system for self healing. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to believe that the medical profession are the authorities on our health and if we have a problem, they have the solution.

In some cases the side effects of prescribed drugs are almost as bad as the disease! Various conditions people suffer from are lifestyle based or through emotional traumas and when addressed holistically many can be reversed. However this does require a shift in peoples beliefs about who the healer really is.

Asthma - reduces stress and inflammation while increasing cardiovascular health and lung function. Auto-immune - rebalances the nervous system and reduces inflammation and increases energy and strengthens immune system. Elevates positive emotional states.

How To Do SOMA Awakening Breathwork - Full Tutorial

Activates the parasympathetic nervous system for relaxing. Elevates positive emotional states with experiences of bliss. Sleep Apnea - improves oxygenation of the blood and increases cardiovascular health. Chronic Pain - reduces inflammation and relieves tensionDetox - Cleanse and purify the bloodstream and lymphatic system. For this to happen you will be able to work on removing past imprints and limiting beliefs that hold you back from becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

Within reason :. Clear negative imprints and traumas from early life years. Set intentions, create motivation and energy to complete important goals. Access Self realisation, discover your true self, your deeper inner calling. Niraj aka The Renegade Pharmacist developed this powerful technique after his own self-healing experience from a chronic illness, Ulcerative Colitis.

He later trained in the ancient science of breathing called Pranayama. Pranayama literally means control of life force. When you breathe consciously you create an electrical flow of energy through your body. You can literally create an energy inside you that is so radiant and powerful, you can produce ecstatic states of magnetism to literally bend reality, create strength, happiness, download visions and even heal parts of your body. All accessed through the power of intermittent hypoxia, heart coherence, vagal nerve stimulation and the potential activation of somatic stem cells.

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SOMA is a global movement that brings ancient wisdom and modern technology together into one transformative system. I remember when I was a child suffering from asthma and my mother took me to a clinic where I learnt a couple of basic breathing techniques and a posture that would help me to better deal with attacks I would get.

One thing I learnt from having asthma was how important managing your breathing is for your overall health and wellbeing. I found that with the exercise, a change in diet no dairy and more conscious breathing the asthma disappeared. Later I also studied and practised Chinese breathing techniques of Pa tuan chin the eight brocades. Fast forward to 20 years later and one of my two sons had developed asthma. I noticed that his breathing pattern had reversed from diaphragmatic to chest breathing and when he stressed it got worse.

After the month we had increased his breath hold times and capacity to take in and release more breath and to better manage anxiety and stress. He now has no asthma at all. I was always into breathwork from a martial arts perspective through Tai Chi, and Chi Kung - the 8 brocades, however when I came across Wim Hof the iceman he rekindled my passion, I looked at what he was doing and thought how incredible it was that he was able to control his immune system and autonomic nervous system.

I practised his techniques and immersed myself into researching more.

SOMA Breath For Less Stress: Niraj Naik

Then the universe provided, as it does. I felt a strong alignment straight away, not just with the breathwork but also with his perspectives on life. I have always believed we have a pharmacy greater than no other that resides within us and with different techniques and we can access it.Getting into a rhythmic breathing state allows us to harmonize every single function of the body to be coherent so that we can move from low to high energy emotions.

Do you wake up every day with absolute enthusiasm to work hard for something that you love? Learn how you can achieve a lasting peak human experience, altered states of consciousnessand a higher state of mind without spending a large amount of money. This course will be split into 3 weeks working through separate breathwork meditations each week.

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Each breathwork meditation session consists of minutes of diaphragmatic rhythmical breathwork followed by a series of breath retention techniques lasting mins. That choice comes from your level vibrational energy of L-O-V-E. The more love you have for yourself and others, the more connected you'll be to this divine energy. Specifically, guilt is a really, really terrifying emotion to experience for a long period of time and it can just paralyze you.

If we can change that emotional state without using drugs, antidepressants, or even having to resort to psychedelics and do it naturally through our own body instead, then we're getting somewhere. They taught us how to have an off switch for stress which is the breath and the exhale. By learning how to exhale properly, hold your breath, and control your breath, in certain ways, we actually learn how to control the entire physiology of our body. He also learnt of the debilitating side effects of the prescription medication which drove many of the patients to have to take more and more drugs to ease the side effects.

Curious to find ways to improve his own health he attended several health seminars and discovered an in-depth approach on how to reach optimum health and vitality by understanding the true origin of disease and how to prevent it.

After experiencing great benefits with his own health, Niraj was motivated to devise a scheme to see if he could also help his suffering patients. Niraj is now a professional musician, holistic health expert, and entrepreneur. He runs several successful websites that help others who suffer from stress-related, chronic diseases through his self-composed, captivating meditation music, and online courses.

Niraj has composed music for healing centres, spas, and therapists worldwide. Or, are you waking up every day because you have to in order to pay the bills and survive? Share Tweet Search for:.I will answer this question for you in this article. I will briefly discuss three popular breathwork modalities, followed by Pranayama, and then finally we will discuss how exactly SOMA Breath fits into the equation.

soma breathwork

This popular breathwork practice was founded by Dr Stanislav Grof and his wife in the s. Dr Grof is a psychotherapist and the inventor of transpersonal therapy. He was one of the first people to use LSD as a psychotherapeutic tool. Holotropic breathwork is usually done in groups, using pair work.

Each person takes turns being the breather or the sitter. The process is guided by trained supervisors. You make a powerful inhale through your nose, and then totally relax to release your exhale from your mouth without any force at all. Holotropic breathwork uses a very dramatic music soundtrack that changes in mood quite frequently.

This results in a very cathartic and sometimes psychedelic process where the participant may have dream-like visions, cry or laugh hysterically, experience muscle cramps, and have huge emotional release. There is also an element of bodywork involved, which Grof incorporates to help people release trapped energy and emotions in the body. At the end of the session, participants are asked to draw or paint a mandala to visually represent any thoughts or ideas that came out of the experience.

A possible explanation for the experiences participants report in holotropic breathwork is that it simulates a type of near-death experience, or out of body experience. It is a powerful trauma release. However, some participants may leave the experience feeling more traumatised than before they did it. In various reports from Dr. Grof reassures us that these experiences are harmless in the long term Grof, These effects may be down to a condition called respiratory alkalosis.

It may also be that holotropic breathwork produces a stress response in the body which stimulates the reptilian and limbic parts of the brain. These areas deal with survival instincts and emotions. If this part of the brain believes you are dying, it may reprogram the deeply hardwired instincts and imprints based around fear and survival, making you braver and more resilient.

There has been plenty of research on the effects of holotropic breathwork over the years. Rebirthing breathwork was created by Leonard Orr - also in the s - and it is very similar to holotropic breathwork in its effects, methods, and results. Orr believes that this breathing technique simulates the feeling of being born from the womb and taking your first breath. Orr considered himself one of those people, and believed he was given the gift of Rebirthing Breathwork.


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