Rega isolation platform

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Rega isolation platform

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Isolation platform advice for rega turntables. DaveyMay 19, Location: Norfolk, England. Andrew HarrodMay 19, My thoughts were. Buy cheap chopping board, and if it don't work use it for chopping meat and have a BBQ. Location: Greater Manchester UK.

PastafarianMay 19, HBJ and Andrew Harrod like this. Location: Maryland. MattGMay 19, Location: Austria. Highly recommended in my opinion. Andrew Harrod likes this. I like how it's able to extract an awesome amount of detail from my records while maintaining a dynamic and involving sound. Not a big fan of the stock felt mat though, but a auditorum 23 mat took care of my static problems. Long Live Analog and Andrew Harrod like this.

Location: blacksburg virginia. Location: Mid Atlantic.

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With respect to sorbothane, vibrapods and similar pliable supports, it is essential that the number and positioning and material composition be appropriate to the weight of the TT. This is why reports are so variable as to effectiveness. It takes some experimentation to get the optimum arrangement. Rest a fingertip lightly on the TT when the platter is in motion to judge the relative strength of vibrations.

Also make sure the TT is level with a bubble guide. Mr BassMay 19, FishoutofwaterMay 20, Andrew HarrodMay 22, Location: Iowa, USA.

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GibsonianMay 22, FishoutofwaterMay 23, PastafarianMay 23, I have no option to wall mount but ive been thinking that a welded aluminium frame the same as the top of the wall bracket resting on the inner tube would be rather goodDisclaimer :.

I am not affiliated, associated with any turntable manufacturers or their agents. So I added this acrylic platform on top of my marble slab. Set up was easy and a major convenience is that it made leveling the tt so much easier and faster. Played my favorite Tracy Chapman and the difference is evident from the first song. The highs are shimmering and clean, and loads of details are coming through. I can hear the string tension of the guitar being struck and the harmonics as it decays.

Guitar seems more real. Greater separation of the instruments and the layers are more distinct too. The bass bloom I used to hear is no longer evident and there is more texture and tunefulness to the bass lines. Amazing what an extra layer can do. Great stuff. Post a Comment. NEW : Tonearm stabiliser. Disc Stabilizer.

View my complete profile. Passion for turntables. Michael Lim An electrical engineer who enjoys analogue music, tweaking Lp turntables and collecting watches. Disclaimer Disclaimer : I am not affiliated, associated with any turntable manufacturers or their agents. Michael's watch collection. Michael Lim's watch collection. Michael Lim Underslung Counter-Weight suitable for HiFi and Vinyl related links.

Vinyl Engine - Michael Lim upgrades. Marantz M-CR — all-in-one midrange master 19 hours ago.Enthusiastically recommended. This is a real loudspeaker game changer and could spell the end of loudspeaker spikes for many listeners.

What is it that distinguishes the sound of a great hi-fi system from a merely good one? Is it how loud it will go? Does it depend on the amount of bass energy it can pump into your listening room?

These are a few audible characteristics among many. Either way, and however beneficial the changes might seem, they are most likely benign distortions, and minimising distortion, in all its forms, is a principal goal of hi-fi. Only then will a true sense of realism be won. Yet, as interference, it can destroy the realism — critically realised in the finest, low-level detail — of the music we love. The aim, therefore, is to preserve the good vibrations something worth signing about as the Beach Boys would no doubt agree by preventing contamination from the bad ones.

This used to be thought of as a singularly circular problem. That is, it was all the fault of the loudspeaker, as it was both the means for converting electrical signals into the vibrations we perceive as music and because it was physically coupled to the room in which it was being playedalso the culprit for resonant interference — not only to the detriment of its own performance but also everything else in the playback chain.

Nothing much has changed in this respect. Any group of components brought together with the aim of accurately reproducing music or a film soundtrack is at the mercy of our planet, and the consequences truly are seismic. Every moment of the day and night, global activity is occurring, mostly manifested as a phenomenon known as microtremors. These ground-borne seismic vibrations are always present, everywhere, all the time. Unless filtered out, the microtremors join in and wash away crucial fine detail.

Their amplitude is very low, measuring between force -1 and force 2 on The Richter Scale, as shown fig. But you can hear their degrading influence. The first line of defence is the Seismic Podium.

Designed as a range to accommodate any size and weight of speaker — standmount plus stand, floorstander or subwoofer — the Seismic Podium breaks the acoustic connection between the floor and the speaker, preventing the passage of deleterious vibrations both to and from the speaker cabinets. The result is simply magical, allowing listeners to hear into their favourite music in a way they were never able to previously. When under your speakers, they will give you immediate improvements in overall sound by preventing speaker generated vibration from entering the floor and sound from entering your speakers.

By eliminating the resonance between the speaker-cabinet mass and the floor, the sound will be noticeably clearer, much more tuneful, controlled and natural. Bass boom is significantly reduced and there will be a far larger, much deeper and wider sound stage.


The sound becomes natural and more enjoyable. As many have already witnessed, the improvements are a revelation and a true pleasure — not least because severing the acoustic link between the speaker and the floor allows playback at more realistic volume levels without annoying the neighbours!

Search for:. Seismic Vibration Isolation Platform Ultra thin platform disappears under equipment Enhances clarity across the frequency range Delivers wider and deeper soundstages Improves bass definition Reduced muddiness and smear Makes transients clearer.

rega isolation platform

Especially designed to isolate individual components such as CD players, turntables, DACs, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, computers and streamers from deleterious vibration. The Seismic Isolation Platform includes a durable slim steel top plate that integrates unobtrusively under any hi-fi component.

It is important to specify the weight of your equipment when ordering. Bespoke platforms are available for any size or weight of audio equipment.

Seismic Vibration Isolation Platform

Seismic Platforms are available with seven different weight range capacities, varying progressively from less than 1 kg up to kg.The Gingko Cloud 11 seems interesting, but I learned that additional weight should be added to the platform since the turntable weighs only 15 lbs. Who wants to add an ugly looking weight to a setup? Does anyone strong believe in isolation platforms or are they a waste of money? Thanks in advance for your help.

Please tell us about the room in which you intend to listen to the turntable. Is the floor wooden or concrete? Is it carpeted?

rega isolation platform

Different room conditions, especially those related to the floor, will dictate the degree to which an isolation platform might be useful. If the floor is in fact an issue, your money might be more wisely spent on a wall shelf. The simplest means of reducing the effects of floor-borne vibration is resting your turntable on something that does not make contact with the floor at all.

Are you interested in a DIY shelf or something manufactued for better appearance? If DIY interests you, how good are your skills and do you have access to basic tools? Constructing an adequate wall shelf from stuff at home depot is pretty easy and will offer some great isolation.

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Rega P25 Motor Servicing and Isolation Tweak.

Show Munich More Reports. Log in or register to post comments. October 16, - pm. Last seen: Never ago. Joined: Jul 8 - pm. Isolation Platform for Turntables. Last seen: 6 years 2 months ago.How to deal with the problem though, is a topic of unusual complexity. A myriad of variables combine and interact to make the equation particularly convoluted. Influences include: source of vibration structure-borne or air-borneequipment support nature of rack or standand sensitivity of the components to the vibrations present and the ability of the listener to perceive the effects of these variables.

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Include the most important and subjective, ones own personal preference, and we have an equation with no universal solution. With such disparity among systems, environments and listening preferences, how can a comprehensive, tell-all review be written? The information offered here is but a general overview and should be considered a starting point, rather than an endpoint.

Most of you have experimented with isolation; be it cones, spikes, bearings, isolation platforms and bases or one of the many viscoelastic feet.

rega isolation platform

They all change the sound. Which is right will depend on your inclination and how your system is tuned. I do know there are as many questions as answers in this arena, with each manufacturer asserting the validity of their particular designs. So, like with any other product in audio, let your ears be the judge. While I have evaluated all the products listed here, I cannot say that I am familiar with every offering in every line.

Further, there may have been changes or additions since my last experience. Again, use this not as an absolute reference, but as an overview to familiarize yourself with available offerings.

Always consult a knowledgeable dealer for specific recommendations that suit your system and preferences. Data is provided in tabular form for easy cross referencing. In the performance field note than some products are tagged with a plus or minus symbol. Products are assessed using a scale of 1 — 10, ten being best. The "ratings" are based on feedback from customers. Aurios - Media Isolation Bearings.

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Maker Vistek has wide-ranging expertise in solving vibration induced problems on an industrial and architectural scale. Sincetechnologies developed by Vistek and its affiliates have been utilized in structures as varied as bridges, towers and clean rooms. Scaled down to meet the needs of audio, Vistek make use of their knowledge in the design of the Media Isolation Bearings.Log in or Sign up.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Isolation platform advice for rega turntables. Location: Norfolk, England. Hi there. Is there a better platform I should be using? Wood, plastic, marble? Andrew HarrodMay 16, Location: USA. A light but rigid dedicated floor stand like a Sound Organisation, Audiotech or Archidee were best for Rega turntables back in the late 80's. Rega still make a wall shelf that works great if you have a solid wall. John76May 16, GavinylRandoms and Andrew Harrod like this.

Location: St. Louis Mo. What is the rack sitting on?


You want to stop footfalls and vibrations and internal smearing of the signal. A very good way is to get a 2,3, of 4 inch maple block and sit that on 4 vibration pads. The TT would sit on the maple block. This cost very little money as well. Maple Blocks can be had at Amazon and the vibration pads fom any heating and cooling store.

Slippers-onMay 16, Location: UK. RandomsMay 16, Gavinyl likes this. Location: blacksburg virginia. Robert C likes this. Location: SoCal. ServingTheMusicMay 16, Tim 2 likes this.Unwanted vibrations can significantly affect the sound quality and seriously degrade the performance of any hi-fi system.

Although many of these are small, they can induce noise into the signal and will be magnified through the amplification chain. Based on the way they reach the equipment, they fall into three categories: structural, airborne and self-generated. Structure borne vibrations enter the component via its feet through the shelf or platform upon which it rests.

Airborne vibrations are the results of air currents generated by speakers, which vibrate the chassis of the component. Self-generated internal vibrations are caused by the equipment itself, in the case of turntables by the motor, belts, and bearings. Because the cartridge is essentially a very sensitive vibration sensor, which can detect the smallest variations in the record grooves, turntables are one of the most sensitive audio devices in a hi-fi system. Any external energy that reaches the stylus overlays with the vibration created by the grooves and is amplified along with the music, masking and coloring the original signal.

While there is no single best way to isolate a turntable, the goal is trying to completely decouple the system from the floor and speakers. One way doing this is to provide an isolation platform where vibrations are dissipated rather than reflected back into the component. These platforms come in different designs and constructions using various materials, with every manufacturer applying a particular or combination of solutions. Below is our list of turntable isolation platforms that can help you maximize your turntable system's hi-fi audio potential.

Auralex Acoustics was founded in with a mission to offer alternatives to the expensive acoustic foam panels available at that time. Over time it has become an industry leader and still continues to develop innovative sound control solutions that offer incredible performance at the best possible value. Their product lines cover absorption, diffusion, bass trapping, and construction products to improve the sound of rooms in any industry. The ISO-Tone's patented design features a 0.

Best vibration isolation platforms for turntables

Designed for DJs and audiophiles alike, the ISO-Tone decouples the record player from its supporting structure and creates a clean, more accurate sound, also improving low-frequency clarity. There are three different models available. The Deluxe 1, which measures The Deluxe 2 is 17" x The Deluxe 3 measures 17" x The Deluxe bases have a high-quality anthracite piano-lacquer finish that perfectly matches the charcoal finish of Pro-Ject turntables, but they work just as well under any brand of turntable.

rega isolation platform

Named after the floating island of Delos from the Greek mythology, the DELOS is IsoAcoustics' newest line of Hi-Fi centered isolation platforms developed for turntables and other Hi-Fi components requiring a flat and resonance-free surface. Combining the mass of a thick solid-wood block walnut or maple with IsoAcoustics isolator attachments featuring patented decoupling technology, the DELOS provides a stable platform with a low noise floor and effectively eliminates the effects of structural vibrations and resonances.


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